Leonora Salvatore...
By krealk
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Leonora is the younger sister of Stefan and Damon Salvatore. When Elena says she has feelings for Damon, Leonora and Stefan decide to take a break and move somewhere else. Stefan decides to take Leonora to California to a school called Beacon Hills. Will they find love or chaos? Mostly about Teen Wolf. Takes place around season 3-8 of TVD and 3-6 of TW. Sorry about the spelling/grammar mistakes! I do not own any of the characters other than Leonora. I don't own any of the quotes I used from Teen Wolf or The Vampire Diaries. PG-13 BTW This sucks, it was my first story so yeah... But its not one of those stories that say their story sucks but is really good, it just sucks in general lol. Read at your own risk. UNDER EDITING

Chapter 1

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Leonora S...
by krealk