Love Is Toxic (Rewr...
By xXVredeXx
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PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS TOXIC! ****************************************** "Oh right, the waitress. Sorry I can't think straight with pretty women around me, especially this red head. What's your name, love?" The audacity to openly flirt with me, I'm a stranger for fuck's sake. Noting his rich English accent, I'm guessing he's from the Southern Suburbs and doesn't speak a word Afrikaans, unlike Erina and I. Typical behaviour. "Please, you probably tell that to all the women you see here. Let me guess, your next cheesy pick-up line is going to be, 'Do you ladies come here often?'" I snort out. "Her name is Skylar, please excuse her, she hasn't been in the public for quite a while now, so she forgot how to socialise," Erina says with a smile while taking her drink from the tray and takes a sip. ****************************************** Skylar Read was once told that love is toxic. She did not believe it of course. After getting her heart shattered by a guy named Dwayne, she falls out of love, with being in love and desperately wants to break away from the boring cycle of school and work. She meets a handsome man named Sven, who is the opposite of Dwayne, and becomes infatuated with him but still struggles to get her first love off of her mind. Through the course of her relationship, she steps out of her comfort zone and crosses boundaries she thought she never would, but can Sven really be that perfect? Will Miss Read learn that love is indeed toxic? If so, will she manage to escape the ties that will bind her to this toxic relationship before she becomes intoxicated? ****************************************** Achievement(s): Best Book Awards: Runner up for Best First Chapter. Rose Quarz Awards: Second Place Special Category Romance in The Rising Phoenix Awards 2020: Best Antogonist Started: Oct 29th 2020 Completed: ENJOY - Furashu

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Love Is T...
by xXVredeXx