The Red Thread (Aiz...
By KuriTheElf
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Once an American girl that was used and abused had enough. Being a shy timid girl and looking like one to fit the bill she changed her appearance to make her self looked tough. She left and move to Japan, where she could start a new life. One day one of her friends made her go to a bar for a bachelorette party for one of their friends. Being the timid girl she was some of the girls threw liquid courage down her throat. Having too much she ended up awaking in some guys home. She had to do the walk of shaming and didn't know where she was. Making it back home she say she was late to her new job. Once she got there she was supposed to help out with a school being a teacher's assistant. And this teacher seemed oddly familiar. This story has! Fluff Lemons 🍋 Rape 💔💔 Torture 💔💔 Violence PTSD Cursing Suicidal thoughts

Character Sheet

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The Red T...
by KuriTheElf