Are You A Spy? - A...
By Ilovetoreadandwrite
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What will happen when Peter Parker accidentally texts Natasha Romanoff? Will she figure out he's the vigilante Spider-Man? If so how will she respond? How long will it take Peter to figure out his new friend is the infamous Black Widow? What will he do when the Avengers are sent out to capture/recruit him? Read to find out! -A/N- I do not own anything marvel, and this is my first open-to-the-public fan fiction. I also do not own the cover art, but I believe the artist name is on there, so credit to them! P.S. So if you would be interested in reading my other fanfic, please let me know. It's another Marvel fanfic, but with my own OC in it. Nods to her will be in this story! #1 IN BLACKWIDOW!!!!!!!!!! (11/26/20) YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! #3 in spiderman!!! (2/7/21) #1 in wrongnumber!! (12/1/20) #50 in hulk (12/18/20) #64 in Hawkeye (12/1/20) #61 in Brucebanter (12/1/20) #11 in clintasha (11/30/20) #75 in clintbarton (12/1/20) #98 in natasharadmanoff (12/1/20)

"Are You A Spy?"

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Are You A...
by Ilovetoreadandwrite