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I haven't ever wrote fan fiction before but I thought why not give it a try? I'm gonna leave a requests page at the start. Please add some ideas. 🌸- Fluff ✨- Smut 🍋- Lemon 🥭- Lime I can't think of any more types. Um. Yeah! I hope you enjoy these! If Lemon or Lime is requested then there needs to be 3 or 4 requests for the character. I've never wrote them before but um they seem popular on other fanfics. If it's Hanako or Yashiro X Reader then please specify a gender. The options I will do are: Hanako X FemReader Hanako X (Any Minor) X FemReader Mitsuba X FemReader Kou X FemReader Tsukasa X FemReader Aoi X MaleReader Aoi X FemReader Yashiro X Hanako Kou X Mitsuba Akane X Aoi Amane X FemReader All of those that I just listed apply for Lemons and Limes. They can also apply for Fluff but mainly Lemon and Lime They are the only ones I'm capable of. There won't be MaleReader X Hanako. Sorry. I'm not really capable of Angst..


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by GachaCatchemall