Walls Surrounding h...
By Not_Xavier
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Levi Ackerman; Humanity's strongest he had been told. Nevertheless, everyone has their weaknesses, and for this man, his name was Commander Erwin Smith. ---- |A few short explanations| This book is based off the Anime of AOT, in which Hanji is depicted as a woman. I will be using she/her pronouns for them. Levi is NOT a Lance Corporal; he is a Lieutenant who goes by the nickname 'Captain'. He's still the leader of Squad Levi, however. At the time this story begins, he has had this title for 3 years. Erwin is way nicer when he is alone with Levi than when they are in public, so no it's not personality inconsistency. Erwin and Levi are closer than they act. Levi cares more than he lets on. ---- Tw: Basically, read at your own risk. Why would I spoil the book and write any trigger warnings here? Its tagged as 'Mature' for a reason, so be advised. I do not own the cover picture, Attack on Titan, nor any of the people in this story, save for one or two unimportant side characters.


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Walls Sur...
by Not_Xavier