Did I stutter?? MCY...
By Inferno_Wolf
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Just a story, a story of an OC. There isn't going to be any romanticizing, these are real people even if I'm focusing on their online personas. If I have incorrect info, let me know first because it may or may not be intentional. On that note, don't take everything as fact. This is a side project as I've been really into MCYT and have just been reading different things to get different standpoints. Any art can go to you kstringsmessage@gmail.com Can ask me to respond in character, see how Karma/Oliver would respond, with most things pretty much the same as me. Also would like to say that Karma/Oliver is nonbinary but is usually referred to as female as they/them pronouns are confusing to him, he doesn't ever go by daughter only son. Oliver almost always uses she/her for legal stuff as he grew up with it. Because of this you will see every now and again the whole chapter Oliver will be he/him. I APOLOGIZE IF STUFF IS INCONSISTENT! I'M VERY INDECISIVE! (Original name for her was Austin but I changed it to Oliver, I'm on the fence about her name) Again this is just something I'm doing for fun. Started: October 25, 2020 End:


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Did I stu...
by Inferno_Wolf