Whitney Unbroken...
By Dellywrites
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Whitney Nelson was living her dream. She was in Washington, working for a senator favoured to win the next presidential election. Someday, she was going to be in that position. Nothing was going to get in the way of her White House dreams. She watched from the sidelines while her best friends adjusted to the life-changing impact of accidental pregnancy, never believing it could happen to her. Until it did. When Whitney finds herself pregnant, alone and unemployed, she heads to Boston to seek refuge in her friend Lacey's spacious new home while she mourns the loss of her political career. She soon finds solace in the arms of an unexpected friend living in the apartment above the garage. Luke Lowery has recently moved in to watch over his friend Marty's family while the Bruins trainer is on the road. Luke offers to claim Whitney's unborn child as his own to save her from becoming ensnared in a political scandal. They embark on a fake relationship designed to fool the media, but can they pull off the lie with their own families? What happens when the line separating truth from fiction is singed by the heat between Whitney and Luke?

Chapter 1

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Whitney U...
by Dellywrites