- Draw me - (Haikyu...
By BAKA_hEyHeYheYyy
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A simple girl second year in Fukurodani High, has met her polar opposite, for they unintentionally blossom a rather hilarous but sincere bond. Hey y'all, I'm Nakamura Sachiko. Born as a middle child with Nakamaru Shikamaru and Kiba. I'm literally an average girl. You can say I'm talented in art. My brother is a volleyball player so you could also expect that i can play volleyball but just not a tournament type So whatever, I'm a student and paid artist. I go to Fukurodani Gakuen Year 2 class 7 ( I told ya I'm smart) So lemme gossip with y'all, there's this guy whom I know since I was a first year since my brother is in a club with him. We were not really "friends" well...not to recently, we crossed ways and I don't know got into his head that he wanted to be friends. I didn't want to since he was hella NOISY, WHINY, CHILDISH AND DID I SAY NOISY? As my highschool life continues.... I realized it was never bad to have a daily dose of sunshine.. And mine....just had to be Bokuto Koutaro... " Come on Sachi-channnn Draw ME! You always draw other players! I'll pay you" "Shut up, idiot" HEY HEY HEY MINNA!!! I hope y'all like this story!! Just a reminder I don't own Haikyuu or any characters from the anime but I do own Nakamura Sachiko and some extras!!!! Happy reading y'all!!!! And please don't be a silent reader! I love noisy people HAHAHA considering I absolutely LOVE Bokuto!!!


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- Draw me...
by BAKA_hEyHeYheYyy