Pencil Shavings (a...
By greymarius
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Alright, friends, disclaimer: I wrote this when I was twelve (TWELVE) and just finding out what being genderfluid meant. This story contains a lot of inaccuracies, and is honestly just kind of cringy to look back on, but so many people seemed to enjoy it, so I'm keeping it up. I apologize for the incorrect facts and plot holes and anything else in this story (again, I was 12.) Thank you all for the immense support! SUMMARY: Anna is genderfluid. Meaning she is a girl at some times and a guy at others. While dealing with keeping his secret, he meets Taylor, the new girl at school. Taylor asks him out, and they go to the school dance. But when his mother figures out that he's genderfluid, things go sour. Really, really quickly. (Awesome cover by @AspiringFlyer!)

Chapter One: Two Sides At Once

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Pencil Sh...
by greymarius