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Octavia Russo: the definition of mastermind. A trained assassin in the depth of the night and a fashion designer in the sunlight. The epitome of beauty; although looks could be deceiving. She has the most powerful men at her feet, giving them a run for their money. A predator chasing her prey with her captivating charm. Vito Moretti, a ruthless Italian mafia boss. Obeying no one, whatsoever and killing everyone disobeying him. His alluring face and enticing beauty, grasping the attention of the female population. But, his eyes were on a particular blue eyed stone. A painstakingly beauty, drawn with blood. She has a mission. He has a mission. Mix it with drama and love. Ta da; lavender. • ❝ What are you doing? ❞ She hissed lowly, grabbing him by his collar. He smirked and brushed his tongue over his delicious lips. ❝ Thinking of eight ways to kiss you. ❞ Octavia frowned, until she finally understood and grinned at the angel in disguise. Copyright ©

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