A Suitable Gentleman
By Dear_Rhian
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Countryside girl turned Londoner, Rosie Eden-Porter, must release her inhibitions and overcome her obsession with finding the perfect man before she single-handedly sabotages her own love life. ***** Since having her heart broken by her first love, Rosie Eden-Porter is adamant that she will not settle for anyone other than the perfect gentleman. She's not fussy, she just wants a true romantic who's to-die-for-handsome, comes from a good family, earns a nice wage, and will never set a foot out of place. That's not too much to ask, right? Rosie has already spotted some potential suitors: Vici Hottie, the handsome stranger who boards the tube at Victoria Station every morning, and Casper, the guy who's moving heaven and earth to apologise for recently ghosting her. When Rosie's sister appears in London out of the blue, in a state of panic, she blurts out a lie about how she's definitely seeing someone, and definitely has a date to bring to her sister's upcoming winter wedding. Definitely. Without any idea of what else to do, Rosie initiates a plan: fake it until you make it because pretending to be in a relationship with a total stranger can't be that hard, right? *****

1 | Casper the Friendly F*ckboy

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A Suitabl...
by Dear_Rhian