2: Underneath A Tho...
By badcooking
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Volume II In the first world she transmigrated into, Song Jia accidentally killed the original host and made the monarch so insane with grief that the whole world was destroyed with him. Her boss then declared after she went back to the modern world: "No salary for six months!" Song Jia: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ In the second world she transmigrated into, Song Jia had to raise a cute little bun and thought that her job this time would be easy. In the end, the cute little bun became a sadistic killer that could solemnly say to her, "Just push me below you and take advantage of me." Her boss: "..." Song Jia: "..." A thousand skies later, the blackened male god pressed Song Jia against the wall and finally whispered into her ear. "Caught you." [Original story] [Cover image not mine.]

199 Vixen Above, Mensao Below (13)

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2: Undern...
by badcooking