Forever Bonded (Com...
By HeidiJones6
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  • forever
  • foreverbonded
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  • soulmate
  • supernatural
  • youngadult


Riley wasn't her real name. At least, she didn't think it was. All she had left was her amber necklace. Since her accident, she can't remember anything about her past life. Not even who her parents are or what happened to them. Her foster family doesn't make life any easier. She just needs to work hard, finish this last year of high school, and then get away with a scholarship. She keeps to herself, mostly. Thankfully, the colors that people emanate help her stay away from the really bad ones. But that is a secret she intends to keep to herself. Grayson hasn't given up searching for the love of his life, even though everyone else has. He knows she's still alive, because he feels her. Her fear and her pain. He's determined to find her and bring her home, even when she doesn't remember him or their life together. They are forever bonded.

Chapter One

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Forever B...
by HeidiJones6