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Raja Nicole Costello (Nicki Minaj) is the 22 year old daughter of Eastern America's most notorious drug lord. Forced into solitude, she gives up on trying to find tactics to move around her father's uncompromising ways, while trying to give her young daughter the normal life she wasn't able to live. Adonis Kaymen (August Alsina), a young entrepreneur, along with the rest of his crew, specializes in drug trafficking and is coming up on a quick rise. With money, attention, and respect flying in at an instant, Adonis is living the dream. In a stressful attempt to get Raja to leave the house, her best friend Tiffany accidentally sparks an interest between Adonis and Raja, but what will happen when Raja learns that the sudden fall of her father's empire is coming from the rise of Adonis's? It becomes a battle between Head v.s. Heart, and Love v.s. Loyalty. All Rights Reserved 2014 © UrbanInkPens

0. Prologue

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