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If he focused enough he could picture the younger still there, sitting on the large windowsill and facing the glass surface, observing the view as if that was the first time, honeyed skin kissed by the moonlight, starry eyes admiring the dark expanse. That had been such a common view, Jimin had woken up in a cold bed and found the other sitting there so many times in the past months, yet he had never stopped feeling that deep pain each time, it had always disappeared the moment their eyes had met, but the fear came back every time the older was left alone, the fear that one day Jungkook wouldn't be there looking at the night, but gone, far from him, too far for him to reach. i really really dunno. no one's gonna see this but i don't want to have any regrets. probably gonna delete this soon🤧🤧

aching heart

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Still Wit...
by pIease_Iove_me