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By VidaWrites
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Messing around telling everyone you're normal when I know you're not. In my eyes you're the most handsome person I've ever laid eyes on , but in your eyes you're nothing but worthless. Let me be the one to show you that it's more to you than locking yourself away and working. Show that smile , some girls like them braces , don't let nobody shoot you down. Keep your head high and you confidence level on sky high. If nobody will love you then of course I will but you has to learn to love yourself before I can. ~Signed , Anonymous All events in this story is fictional. The names, people, and some places aren't real and aren't real people. This book is for enjoyment and reading purposes only. The events that take place in this story did not really happen in the place it resides, and these people do not actually exist. The book will have mistakes because I am not perfect and it will be edited sometime after the book is completed. Do not try to steal this story or make it your own thanks xoxoxo © Vida P. 2014-2015


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|| Tattoo...
by VidaWrites