Loving Times More
By SanC-Rylie
  • Fantasy
  • anotherworld
  • betrayal
  • bounded
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  • friendship
  • hate
  • love
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  • reverseharem
  • romance
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  • spells
  • university
  • warlocks
  • witches
  • youngadults


People say there are two worlds- the real world, and the fantasy world. Though people really just believe that only one truly exists- the real world, where everything is based on reality, experience, familiarity and evidence. Meanwhile, the fantasy world is illusion, visited through the magination. For Amara Blair, both worlds are as real as the other as she's a descendant of both. Being the daughter of a powerful witch queen from another world called Ignotus, and daughter of an ordinary human from earth, meant there was a possibility that Amara may or may not develop magical abilities. After all, during all her years, she's never exhibited an ounce of magic. Amara believed that the magical genes had definitely skipped her. Afterall, she was an earthling, and no one in this world had magic. Being powerless wouldn't be that uncommon. However, when a dangerous threat is being made upon her life by an evil sorcerer, Amara's powers were awaken. She discovered that she possesses very powerful abilities which she lacked complete control of. In order to help learn control over her powers, Amara's mother sent her a book of powerful spells. By performing the correct spell, Amara would learn total control over her abilities. However, mistakes are often inevitable. When Amara accidentally performed the wrong spell, this dangerous 'lovestruck' type of spell bounded her to Milo- a young man from the other world who would sacrifice his own life for her. His feelings for her are limitless. But, what if the spell didn't just bound her to one but also to others? These forged bonds threatens to have all the victims in a dangerous love triangle. It will show just how far these men will go to protect Amara. Continue reading to find out more about this dangerous fantasy romance.

Chapter 1

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Loving Ti...
by SanC-Rylie