The Hook-Up Diaries...
By CosmicTric
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Whitney Parker has always been a "good girl." Or at least an average one. Sure she's a cheerleader and a member of her school's dance team but other than that there is nothing unique about her. At least not like there is about Harlee. Harlee Walker is the definition of a "bad girl." She's a leather jacket, wearing a red bandanna as a shirt, hooker/combat boots type of bad girl. And man is she beautiful. Whitney has never quite been able to explain the pull that her best friend's, Marlee Walker, twin sister has over her. In fact Whitney never thought much of her fascination with Harlee until she received a diary from an upperclassman her sophomore year in high school that helped her sort out her feeling for the girl. All Whitney wanted was a kiss, just one little kiss then she would go on with her "happy and normal" life, but what she got was eleven minutes in heaven, literally. Those eleven minutes made her realize this wasn't just a tiny girl crush. Her feelings for Harlee were stronger than she ever expected and now she's left with not only burning questions toward her sexuality but also whether or not her social standing could survive a blow like being with... well... a girl like Harlee.

Spin the Bottle (Whitney's POV)

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The Hook...
by CosmicTric