Johnny Baby
By elise_lopez
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!!TW!!: This book might contain references to self harm, negative thoughts, bullying, etc. It's a happy, comedic, romantic story b u t there is a lot of angst kind of sprinkled in so be wary "I give my heart, but you Take it And you break it And you tear it apart Oh Johnny, Baby won't you come to my arms" "I hate you" "I love you too" Come along on this story of two boys and how their modern teen romance falls into play. A cliche teen romance full of tropes, music, LGBT+ Characters, and cheesy nicknames. NONE OF THE SONGS MENTIONED ARE MINE!! THE SONG LYRICS IN THE BIO ARE FROM EDDIE BABY BY FELIX HAGAN OTHER SONGS WILL BE CREDITED IN THE BOOK AS WELL PLZ POINT OUT ANY TYPOS! I WILL CORRECT THEN DELETE YOUR COMMENT! THANK YOU. COMPLETELY CORRECTED STORY WILL BE IN THE OFFICIAL STORY OR ON AO3 THX


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Johnny Ba...
by elise_lopez