The Sleeping Bunny...
By ladyfrosty
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CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN!! SLOW TO UPDATE! "I'll defend your name, your mind, your body and your soul. In return I ask only that you let me stand by your side, deal?" -- Griffin Lorelei Lovegood, older sister of Levi and Luna Lovegood, was a parasomnia who, because of abuse from their manic father, developed a dangerous magic-sleepwalking habit. As a result of this, she would often turn into a white rabbit in her sleep, releasing large amounts of destructive aura as the sleep-hopping bunny moved throughout the Hogwarts grounds. For her safety, and the safety of the other students and teachers, her group of friends would all assume their animagus forms and help move her to a safe place in the Forbidden forest. An unfortunate secondary effect of her magic was that it acted like a beacon, drawing all manners of dangerous creatures to her particularly werewolves (who's favorite prey was rabbits). Consequently, many of these nights were spent by the boys defending her against werewolves, only to wake up in the woods all curled around her. She had no memory of the event, and would spend the next several days apologizing and caring for them, while they'd all laugh and brush it off because protecting her was their golden rule.

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The Sleep...
by ladyfrosty