The Heir of Secrets...
By ecarey03
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Placed in a modern world, chalk full of magic, 16 year old Norah Rowe is being set up to claim the position as Lady, replacing her parents in the Fae Court. Her father has betrothed her to a man she believes she has already met while simultaneously attempting to hunt down the clues that her mother left for her before fleeing the country. The Festival of Lights is approaching and with that comes promises and threats that could end or save the lives of many. Secrets dwell in the hearts of all creatures This is a short story I'm working on, I hope you enjoy! (It has nothing to do with the book that I am writing, this is just to keep my creative juices flowing and de-stress. It also gives me something to write when I'm struggling through my book or need a break and I thought it would be cool to have something that you guys can read as well and get a taste for my kind of writing). Love you all!

Chapter 1 - Coffee Thieves and Autumn Leaves

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The Heir...
by ecarey03