Hello (IZ*ONE Yena...
By DJShadow721
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A story about a guy who has a very selfish and evil girlfriend. The guy's girlfriend is a cheater and she doesn't even love him even though they're still together. Her feelings for him has faded after a month of dating. But, even though the guy know that she cheated on him, he kept holding on to her because he still loves her. One day, after a long time of being patient with her attitude, he finally lets her go. However, this time the girl finally realizes his true love for her. After they both were apart from each other, the girl's life has been upside down while the guy is being very successful. One day, they accidentally found each other. Will the guy accept her back after knowing she had changed? (Highest rank in 1st December 2020 - #1 izone) (Highest rank in 1st December 2020 - #2 choiyena) (Highest rank in 1st December 2020 - #2 kimminju) (Highest rank in 28th December 2020 - #1 yena) (Highest rank in 24th Jan 2021 - #1 choiyena) (Highest rank in 25th March 2021 - #1 minju) (Highest rank in 14th July 2021 - #2 izone)

Chapter 1

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Hello (IZ...
by DJShadow721