The Body Guard
By ariella0610
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"Let me tell you something, William." I say as I watch his tall figure lean over me, with my body pressed into the wall. "And whats that, princess?" He questions. My eyes travel to his, then to his lips, then back to his eyes again. And I hold onto my last strand of composer as I lean into his neck. "Beauty is dangerous, but intelligence is lethal." I whisper. Genesis hates the thought of being held down to her fathers life. She's reckless and wants freedom to live a "normal" life from her fathers world of being a mob boss. When her father hires a bodyguard to watch after her, she falls for him. They both discover a connection that they hadn't anticipated. When her father announces that she will be in an arranged marriage, she feels more trapped than ever. With her fiancé being abusive, she's determined to find a way out. Secrets between her body guard begin to slip, especially with the death of her mother. *pls read the WHOLE book! I edited the beginning so it's not that boring anymore. But I swear it's actually sooo good and I'm super proud of it.* THIS IS A FAST PACED BOOK BETWEEN THE CHARACTERS

The characters

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The Body...
by ariella0610