The Swan
By JaideHarley
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***COMPLETE*** He asked me to tell him why I loved the cello and I told him but I wasn't expecting his response. "The way you describe it is so beautiful. Reminds me of what it feels like when you're really making love to someone." "Uh no. It's nothing like that," I said. "Oh I think it is. Perhaps you've never really had someone make love to you. It's euphoria and relaxation all at once if it's being done right. All those touches," he brushed his fingers against my neck and I shivered. "All the arousal," he stepped closer and dropped his head next to mine, his hot breath hitting my skin. "All the kisses in all the right places," he murmured, his lips brushing against my ear. "You can't tell me the feeling of someone filling you up and caressing your body slowly, over all the curves, all the peaks, into all the crevices while they move in and out of you, with you, making your own music with all the moans and whimpers." Emery Barner is in a long-time relationship with her highschool boyfriend, but things aren't going exactly great between them. She's struggling to support them both and trying to go to school for music, working several jobs at once. One of those job is to do what she loves: play the cello. She plays at a fancy, romantic restaurant where most people walk right by without appreciating the heart she puts into her playing, until one night when she's approached by two businessmen, one of which catches her attention more than he should. Milo Sanders, a billionaire businessman on the spectrum, is scrambling to find a replacement musician for his upcoming charity event after the one he had lined up was stolen away. Milo is stewing in anger over dinner at the loss of a popular musician, he discovers a cellist playing at the very restaurant he's in. He never intended to want anything from her except her musical talent but the more time he spends with her, the more he finds himself wanting much more from her.

Chapter 1: Overworked

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The Swan
by JaideHarley