New beginnings (tod...
By yaoi_is_the_lord
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This story is about Izuku midoriya a math/science major who is an omega top of his classes, falls in love with shoto todoroki a business major. Shoto does not share the feelings but thinks he's a good fuck. They do it and Izuku gets pregnant and tells sho, he rejects the baby and told him to get an abortion. What happens when he doesn't and shoto doesn't know?? This story was inspired by two others 1. Tododeku (Shoto x Izuku) (family) 2. Change [Depressed Izuku (BNHA/MHA, tododeku)] I do not own any art, I do not own any character, Also bad language/grammar/spelling Go check out the story's above there really good warning⚠️: shoto's a piece of shit in the beginning No smut I don't like to do it anymore and will skip it. Fluff well as much as i can

Omegaverse stuff can skip

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New begin...
by yaoi_is_the_lord