My First Ever Love
By Kripa_Anna_
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Kiara Jones a seventeen year old girl lives a simple life with her family and friends in Florida. She had never been in love neither had flings. Kiara was the perfect example of cheerful. She always lifted the unhappy atmosphere with her cheerfulness. The only thing she hated were the popular girls(who she referred as bitches)and boys( players)of her school. Then, there is- Aiden Oliver, who lives his life for adventure. He is a player of his school(at least that's what people say). He is the perfect bad boy material. All girls swoon over him. He never cares for anyone except his family and friends. What will happen when kiara will bump into Aiden? To know what happens. Read the story. Most Impressive rankings:- 🥉3 in populars on 29th March, 2021 🥇1 in Yosemite on 18th July, 2021 🥉3 in bitches on 21st June, 2022 Credit for the cover goes to @AureleLamar •English is not my first language. This is my story made by my imagination. I would really appreciate if you all won't copy my story.


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My First...
by Kripa_Anna_