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I shot him a wicked smile as I brought one of my hands up and began to trace. Levi jolted forward quickly, reaching his arms for me. I quickly slapped my palm against his chest and shoved him back onto the bed. "Do I have to tie you up again and teach you some manners?" I asked forcefully. Levi narrowed his eyes at me and ran his tongue along the front of his teeth, clearly irritated. But I knew that deep inside, he didn't mind my dominance. In fact, he loved it. --- After almost two years of training and increasing your skills in Captain Hanji's regiment, Commander Erwin is ready to appoint you as a captain of your own squad. A promotion this early on in your career is extremely rare. In order to attain this promotion, you have to shadow another captain for a few months. Little did you know that the captain you would be shadowing would be the infamous Captain Levi. You had only heard about him through rumors and whatever Hanji whispered to you. Determined to make a name for yourself, you stand strong against his attitude and impatience. But how long can you resist his charm? No one said you can't mix business with pleasure. ***I do not own any fan art used. The artists are credited at the beginning of the chapter unless they are unknown.

Chapter One

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by SumbodyWrites