The Ghost Libraria...
By faith_victor
  • Mystery / Thriller
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#ghostinthelibrarycontest. The story of lady Mitchell Graham was believed to be a myth. Her story was marked out as a fallacy. Even the old men and women in the city did not believe she existed. But still her story went round as people who were sent to recover mystical books from the city's library never came back. They did not believe she existed but they were scared of her. Lady Graham is dead but her soul still guards the mystical books of the city where she was born. Ben is a junior detective and is among the number of people who were sent to retrieve a special mystical book from the library. Ben encounters lady Graham in his mission. she's a great disciplinarian even unto her death. what would she do to Ben and what would Ben discover in his mission? Started: 15th October 2020 Status: ongoing.

The ghost librarian

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The Ghos...
by faith_victor