Shattered Trust
By Alpha_Me8
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Trust. The most fragile replica of human condolence that can be blown away by a gust of wind. "It doesn't take time to shatter, but to put together." Time is lucid, but can anyone truly put together a 'shattered' person, who already is at war with himself? ******* Studying in a Medical university, 22 years-old Fiza is adored by everyone in the family. Being the youngest comes with advantages, that she enjoys to the fullest. But not even in her wildest dreams could she imagine something bad to happen to herself. "A deed done, is done. But it's consequences bother you for life. They don't leave you, but grip at you like a vice. And then only death is your chance to escape." Will Sa'ad put the shattered pieces together, or he himself is the one who inflicted them? "Don't love too much. Love is a noose, YOU can get hurt. Or worse, hanged and killed." ************** Mature Themes: {Sexual Assault, Violence, Marital Abuse, Drug Abuse, and sensitive topics} Strictly Advisable for 18+ Also note: {Islam is a beautiful and perfect religion. I do write books based on Islam, directly or indirectly. If anyone has a problem, please PM the author instead of bashing the book, black and blue. Do Not! Judge Islam on a mere book.} Copyrights to © @Alpha_Me8.

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