Beautifully Horrific
By shelbyhegglund
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I watched as the fire leaped, destroying everything in its path. My mother screamed. my brother tried to comfort her and I just stood there frozen as I watched our home once again burn. I had an over powering desire to join the flame, dance in its beauty, run among its ashes. I took a step closer it the blaze but pulled back at the last minute, I could see the fire fighters finally arrive trying to douse the flame with water. I was then fascinated with the way the water seemed to glisten and snap as it hit the fire. I wanted to join it to drown away my sorrows in its smooth feeling. A tall man dressed in a fire mans outfit pulled me back further from the flame. My mother’s sobbing and brother’s angry words were what I heard. “When well they leave us alone.” He growled fully knowing the answer was never. They would never leave us Emerald and her family were nearly perfect with a beautiful home and a rich family but all that changed one night. Emerald came home from her friend’s house to find it in ruins, her mother’s heartbroken and her father with another woman. By the next day their bank accounts had been emptied and her father was gone leaving a group of thugs chasing Emerald her mom and her brother Josh. It’s been a year since the horrible night when the Young's find them. Emerald now finds herself back in the life of the wealthy but she's no longer the same. She finds out that she has powers, powers that let her control the elements, what else will she learn that has been hidden from her? What will happen with her absent father and the men looking for him? Read and find out.

Beautifully Horrific

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by shelbyhegglund