Falling For Her (BW...
By wambuimuiruriii
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"Is that a... Book? "Yep." "WHY IS THERE A BOOK BURNING IN YOUR FIREPLACE?!" "Ohh these, these are my most prized possessions! Spent a fortune and a half on these, they are Adolf Hitler originals and copies, books he wrote when he was in power." "ORIGINALS?! WHY DO YOU HAVE ADOLF HITLERS ORIGINALS BURNING IN YOUR FIREPLACE?!" "They keep the house toasty..." "ARE YOU INSANE?!" "I'm afraid so... I'm entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret, All the best people are." Tyler Matworth had his whole life planned out, he was getting ready to publish his first book and seal the deal with his girlfriend. But what happens when his girlfriends half sister comes back to town and throws his plans (his life plans and his literal book manuscript) out the window? We can only assume it gets worse when a series of unfortunate events have him living with her... THIS BOOK IS COMPLETELY UNEDITED. PLEASE, PROCEED WITH CAUTION. SPELLING ERRORS GALORE.

Chapter 1: The Awkward Introduction

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Falling F...
by wambuimuiruriii