Living With a Tiny
By moodygirlz
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~not a sequel to Living With The Giants but apart of the Living With The Giants universe in the point of view of Austin~ Giant Austin Taylor has found himself in the real world, 3 years have passed and he hasn't the helping hand of his father anymore. High school is in the past and his title of being the "Popular boy" is no more. Welcome to the real world, and as a 20 year old man in college he faces many struggles, tiny humans aren't so timid or scared of him and giants aren't so ruthless to their smaller counterparts, finding the city to be a place where humans and giants are able to live in somewhat harmony because of laws unlike his small home town. Finding human haters to be rare, will Austin grow out of his old teenage ways? Living in an apartment in the city with Jace Stevens, Austin moves in only to come face to face with living with another tiny. Hayley Marshall, a tiny human is not like the typical tiny Austin has met before. She's confident, strong and intelligent and rather pretty too and manages to catch the giant boys eye. And she definitely isn't afraid to speak her mind. Will Austin fall for Hayley? His gorgeous tiny roommate or will the past come back to bite him in the butt!

One: The Apartment

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Living Wi...
by moodygirlz