Magic Managers in T...
By FlyBiEnby
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Lovelace Academy grads have to protect magical people and magical creatures--even the most terrible ones. Five students have barely graduated Lovelace Academy and now must complete their first mission to become certified Magic Managers. They're faced with the toughest mission at the Academy, one every other student refused; a case of multiple kidnappings in rural Pennsylvania, with a powerful elder vampire as the only suspect. Killing the vampire is out of the question, but confronting him seems impossible. The new grads suspect the Academy wants them to fail--but that hasn't stopped them before. Our students are: a devil-worshipping half-angel, a nonbinary half-demon with anxiety, a pot-growing lesbian druid, a clairvoyant ftm halfling, a protective mtf half-giant pugilist, and a grouchy instructor possessed by an anxious-avoidant fiend. Creepy horror and suspense and mystery wrapped in magic with a unexpected side of spicy-sweet, wholesome feels. Hope you'll join me Monday nights for new chapters! :D This is in our world, 21st century, except there's also magic and various magical humanoids and animals. Because I really like to see my LGBTQ folks represented, there are also nonbinary characters (Kenin), binary trans characters (Ember and Elias), folks of varying attraction, as well as aro/ace characters (which I"m not going to give away now bc whoa big spoiler alert). There will be romance! And gender will play a role in the story! However, the focal point will still be resolving magical disruptions in the world :)

Part 1: Graduation

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Magic Man...
by FlyBiEnby