Blood Brother || To...
By quizzlers
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Emily Riddle did not ask to be a witch, and her father didn't ask for it either, for that matter. Ever since the Gaunt family shattered Tom Riddle Sr.'s world, he made up his mind that he would never venture out of the safe walls of Riddle House ever again. It was by pure luck that he met Arlene Merle, and it was even greater luck that he found that being a father was delightful. He was not a strong man, but he vowed that he would protect Emily Riddle with his last dying breath. He would keep her safe from the dangers of the unnatural world. And then, he found out she was a witch. Emily was always a clever young girl, and she had a hunger to learn. Her father spoiled her with all sorts of books. The pair of them decided that whatever she tried, she must be the best at it. And, although reluctantly, that includes magic. This is the last thing that Tom Marvolo Riddle needs.


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Blood Bro...
by quizzlers