King of the Damned...
By MrzHumanNature
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In the 1750's an evil witch named Hannah that had been banned from her village came back to haunt and curse those who exposed her for her true being. She killed everyone in her path, burned down homes and churches, and used her powers to change people into immortal things. She stumbled upon a beautiful man named Michael Jackson, a poor man with little to nothing to give. He had a family, he worked hard to provide for. Hannah wanted Michael but he wanted his family, so she killed his family, wife and 2 kids. He swore he would get revenge, so she put a spell on him that turned him into a vampire but would die unless a virgin brought him back to life.... *256 years later* The great great great great granddaughter of Hannah, Haydee and some of her friends have heard the rumor of Michael Jackson, They play the game to bring him back to life but they don't understand what they have done. Michael is back for revenge and when he sees Haydee for the first time, he thinks its Hannah. Then realizes its her granddaughter, and still plots to kill her. Then soon falls in love for her but will his hard shell let him love again, or will he kill Haydee.

Chapter 1: 1758

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King of t...
by MrzHumanNature