And You Shove Me Aw...
By TeukhiAmudo
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You are a high tech scientist, you save hundreds of people each year with antidotes, to bomb defusing chemicals. But one day you find out your job is not entirely what you think it is. You find out your bosses are working with incredibly dangerous and wanted criminals, but you can't just quit, because you need the money. But things get out of hand, you are partnered up with a highly trained, brutal, silent, assassin, with a mysterious rabbit mask. One look at this bastard sends shivers down your spine. You have to go out on the field helping him with his targets. You are too scared to say no and quit your job at this point. You know too much already, they're not just going to let you quit now, because you are their prisoner now! So you go with him or suffer the consequences. But what seems to be this silent, blood cold rabbit masked criminal. Could just be something else? Could you find the sweet bunny in this bloodthirsty rabbit? Read to find out! -❗13+ please for gore, swearing, and mature topics and themes.❗ -I will be following the Subway Surfer Animated Series storyline from a different point of view! -There is A LOT of Frank's back story in this. -Kinda designed for females. But if you are other, you are still sure welcomed to join, just imagine out whatever. -Y\N is 27 and Frank 28 -Y\N kinda has a boyfriend at the beginning. (Sorry) I just love that feeling though when you crack out the beginning boyfriend for a much better one (aka Frank-) -I'm not gonna write smut btw...

Chapter One

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And You S...
by TeukhiAmudo