Kamen rider Double...
By JustyTurner
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Y/n Narumi is just a normal student in Kouh academy and was viewed as the smartest kid ever in his schoolbag as he was the don of teh greatest Detective ever in there town but mysterious disappeared. One day Y/n was going through his father's things when he discovered the double driver and Gaia Memory's in a box. He also discovered a book that once open not only active his sacred gear but also met by a Entity named Philip who is the true Gaia memory and told Y/n that his father was a rider who not fight crime but protected the world from monsters known as Dopants and evil Devils or Fallen Angels. Now Y/n must continue his father legacy with Philip as his guide as the world's greatest masked hero/Detective named Kamen rider Double.

Protagonist: Double

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Kamen rid...
by JustyTurner