Hotties Next Door
By christabel1232
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Book 1 Max Ray is a very talented boy who lived with his parents and only brother but things changed when he lost something or someone dearest to his hear, he hated everyone including himself. Read to find out how he changed surprisingly. Addison Maxwell, a seventeen years old girl with no special story. Lived with her mom and only sister, have great friends and a sweet boyfriend but all this changed when two brother moved next door, Addison found herself fall for the last person she expected because of this dark secrets were reveled, betrayals from the the least person she expected. "Should I be mad because I saw you kissing your girlfriend?" I asked confused, I don't know where this conversation is heading to. "What? no. She's not my girlfriend" he laughed more. "Ok" I said, I don't wanna continue with this conversation. I picked my bag, opened his car door and left for the elevator. "Wait Addison" he called out running after me, we entered the elevator for our floor. "What is it now Max?" I asked looking away form him. "What's wrong with you? I'm talking to you calmly but you are screaming at me. Why are so angry?" he asked trying to catch my eyes. "I'm not. Maybe because you kissed my worst enemy or maybe you left me at the hospital or maybe you got angry today because of me when we saw your aunty Mrs. Fatty at the..." I was interrupted. He drew me closer to him, our face was so close to each other that a little push our lips will meet. "I'm sorry" he said as he pressed mouth against mine and parted my lips with his tongue seeking for entrance, he brought his hand under my shirt touching my body slowly. it felt great. I pushed him away realizing that the elevator was opened "Why did you do that?" I asked angrily and left for my door and ran straight to my room blushing, why am I blushing? I should be angry. Michael has never kissed me that way, this one felt nice and sweet. Note: book not edited yet

chapter 1

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Hotties N...
by christabel1232