(ON HOLD) The Ultim...
By The_World_Ender
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A Titan that has the abilities of other Titans and has full control over it. His name is Y/n L/n the Ultimate Titan. He escaped from Marley because he knew that they were planning something that will cause humanities extinction. Leaving a childhood friend behind, he swore to meet with her again soon. When he escaped he was found by the Survey Corps and took him in. He was trained by the very best and also trained with his Titan form. Years later, the walls has been breached and he swore to protect humanity from the enemies and make sure his friend won't choose the dark path that leads to humanities downfall. And what if he meets another girl? will he risk his life to protect them? or choose the path where he rules them all. (Attack on Titans pictures aren't mine. Also, I'll be changing this story a little than the original one.)

Chapter 1: Escape from Marley

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(ON HOLD)...
by The_World_Ender