Fast Lane | ✔️
By Monrosey
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*This story is an unedited first draft. Thank you Christine_Owen for the fantastic cover! WHAT READERS ARE SAYING: "This has been an amazing thing to read - I've never seen anything like it before. It really gives you an insight to how the glamorous life of fame really isn't as glamorous as people may think." "Like every other story you've written, this should be published in the real world or better yet be made into a film! Your writing never gets old and the twists are breathtaking! I'm glad I found your stories and this story in particular. The Fast Lane is extraordinary." "I loved this story so much - deserves to have like 10000x more reads on it." "I so love this story, a million thumps up to the author. Think there should also be a movie." ___________________________________________ In the high profile world of today's hottest young celebrities, five close friends struggle to find balance between their demanding careers and over-privileged lifestyles. When they unknowingly become targets of a photographer's psychotic obsession, they learn that life in the FAST LANE may come with deadly consequences. ___________________________________________ Highest rank to date - Action: #2 Tagline: Fame launched them to the top of the Hollywood hierarchy, but life in the fast lane may come with deadly consequences.


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Fast Lane...
by Monrosey