Chance of a normal...
By itsemily02
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Emily Foster, a 17-year-old girl who is an amazing soccer player. She is from Florida and has already won a few championships with her team. She looks like the popular, happy girl who everyone admired but deep inside she is the complete opposite. The young girl already went through a lot and is still going through hard times. Her life changes when Orlando Pride Head Coach, Marc Skinner, called her to train with the team. She isn't signed yet but training with a professional is making a dream come true. Especially since she is playing with one of her favorites. Ali Krieger. The funny thing is, Ali and her are already having a history together. Emily met Ali at one of her championship games. The defender was pretty impressed by her and offered to stay in contact to help the teenager put when it comes to training or just in general when she needs help. A few times a month they would call or even meet up for a coffee or hot chocolate because Emily hates coffee. Despite all, the teenager tries to hide how she is really feeling, even in front of Ali who grew to be an important person in Emily's life. She is trying to hide the emotional and physical damage until Ali finally breaks through her walls and finds out what is going on. Will she get the chance for a normal life?


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Chance of...
by itsemily02