Will we unite?
By Solely_Pranbir
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Abhi and Pragya were separated due to the supposed death of their eldest daughter, Kiara. 20 years later fate brings Pragya back to Dehli. Will this broken family finally unite forever or does their bhagya have something else in store for them??? One day both Prachi and Riya, the younger twin daughters of Abhi and Pragya have a strange dream, which was more of a nightmare and they both had the exact same one. This leads to a series of strange dreams and nightmares for both of the twins. Why are the two twins having the exact same dreams and nightmares? Read will unite to know. Cover by @Angelxlove123 🥉 Second Runner Up in the Indian Series Fanfiction Awards ( Kumkum Bhagya)

Part 1 ~ Love finds a way

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Will we u...
by Solely_Pranbir