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By birdsofmalcontent
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This is completely based upon the Horror AU by @RottyPunk on Twitter! George is the heir to a large fortune, but before he starts being a Responsible Adult, he decides to spend a year in a coastal Oregon town called Nethermire. Obviously, he meets some pretty interesting people: Wilbur, a PI with a mysterious past; Sapnap, a local college student who becomes George's best friend and always smells like campfire smoke; Technoblade, who George doesn't trust for some reason; Skeppy, a boy richer than George's parents and louder than the ocean; and Dream, seemingly the most normal person in the town. Upon encountering something he can't quite explain in the woods, George slowly realizes that his year in Nethermire won't be as quiet as he had hoped. ******************** If you've ever watched the show "Midnight Texas", this story is lowkey that. Nethermire is inspired mostly by Brookings, Oregon. Cover art would be appreciated if you want to make something! No smut in this!

1: Illecebrous

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