Lean On Me (DNF) Bo...
By lemonyboyy
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Clay Blocc was never good at the whole school scene. He was smart, very smart, but being the star football player he was, academics were never important to him, barely passing classes by the skin of his teeth. On the field during the biggest game of Clay's life, a terrible accident leaves Clay in the hospital, unable to walk due to injury. Fearing he has lost all he had worked for, Clay is forced to rethink his life. Young student George Founders was top of his class. He held himself to very high standards, it was an 'A' or nothing for him. Seeking out a medical career, George found himself in a temporary intern job at the local hospital. George never had time for fun and games, he was always too busy growing up too fast. Clay and George knew of each other vaguely, having grown up going to the same schools, but they find themselves drawn to each other for unknown reasons. George was too high-strung and Clay was too impulsive. What happens when they start to catch feelings?


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Lean On M...
by lemonyboyy