Frozen Heart, Melte...
By theskinnylegend101
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A reader X zuko Y/n is a waterbending female from the Northern Water tribe. She is from a wealthy family and grew up close friends with Yue, the princess. Being a teenage girl in the north has its downsides, like being forced into arranged marriages, being forced into becoming a healer, or not being allowed to bend. But what happens when three strange kids including a monk, a waterbending girl, and a boy with a weird obsession with his boomerang, come to visit? ✨✨✨ Follows the story of Avatar Last Airbender with an additional -waterbending- member of the gaang. ✨✨✨ All art used in the story was made by me ✨✨✨ Though i wrote all of this myself and made up the story of Y/n, i did gain inspo from -Butterflies by HotDoNotTouch on wattpad -When The Sparks Were Cold on A03 ✨✨✨ Started: September 27 2020 Finished: --

Chpt 1 - Childhood

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Frozen He...
by theskinnylegend101