creepypastas x chib...
By SidV73
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there are two other books before this one, please read them before this so you understand some of the references to them! (y/n) has protected her friends for a very long time, when they needed her the most, she was there, but one day, she needed their help, they wanted to see her again and help her, but somebody else got to her first, but one day, one of the pastas find her, but definitely not in the state they thought she'd be in. Shes in the same state the others were in all that time ago! She looks like a child, and she even acts like it as well! the proxies immediately took her in, they owe (y/n) for all the work she did in helping them, without her, lots of them would be dead, so they're going to return the favor, they'll help (y/n) to the very end!!

chapter one: its you...

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by SidV73