Little Terrified Bun
By manzia94
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Author: Àn xiāng piāofú Chinese Novel Chapters (Status in COO): Complete (97 Chapters + 9 Extras) Type : Web Novel (CN) Completely Translated : Yes Original Publisher : jjwxc Story Discription: In his past life, the little terrified bun, Wei Jing, tried attracting his father's attention by summoning his courage to fight for inheritance against the elder brother who pampered him. He was badly bruised and hurt as a result of it. In the end, he was kicked out of the family by his father and he died as a result of a car accident. In this life, he decided to be a good child, not causing trouble nor being willful. He won't try to steal the company from his elder brother. Best, he'll stay far away from the family. The reborn Wei Zhe watched as his sweet little brother gradually distanced himself from him. "Heh! You want to leave? Did you ask me first?" *Note: Both characters are reborn and they are not related by blood in any way. Shou is the product of his father and his mistress. Gong knows this from the start.

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