Rare Gem (G. Weasle...
By luNa_oF_moOn
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"You're my rare gem" Valentine Hargreeves -a simple girl (well maybe not that simple)...who had unfortunately fallen in love with a weasley. A twin no better Extract: "FURNUNCULUS" I shouted again at them. Throwing a bunch of hexes their way. How dare they disrespect my aunt? How dare they disrespect me? I'll make them pay. I felt a pull inside me, like a burning hot rod was placed on my stomach forcing me to speak these words. But I liked it, I felt powerful. I threw my head back, feeling some kind of mist take over my body. I saw green. "Avada-" I whispered nasally. *********** I update weekly💖❤ or whenever I'm free Highest rankings #17 in WeasleyFamily #4 georgefanfic #4 boh #10 malfoys #36 rare

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Rare Gem...
by luNa_oF_moOn