The Ties That Bind...
By dfcrosa
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The guardians protect the half-breeds. This is law. The vampires are at war with the half-breeds. This is known. Stiles is Scott's guardian and he'd do anything for him. But they are starting to take his choices away. They are forcing his hand. And Stiles hates to be told what to do. He has to decide what is right or wrong. But how can he do that when he is not alone in his head? Come find out more about Beacon Hills Academy where the supernatural is the least of your problems. Sciles. Scira. Stalia. Sterica. Void Stiles. This is a crossover between Teen Wolf & Vampire Academy. For the people who, like me, love both of those things and wish for more, more, more. Obviously I don't own anything. This is fanfiction. No gains intended. Everyone just have fun. Warning: mild coarse language.

The Imbecile

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The Ties...
by dfcrosa